Looking for used power plant assemblies, equipment and spare parts for sale

Selected offers of second-hand, first-class power component sets and power plant equipment resale mainly from Europe - up-to-date, quality assessed and contractually authorised:

For Buyers:

If you are interested to buy selected components as shown in the different categories above, please do not hesitate to send us your respective request.

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For reasons of confidentiality, we can only show selected surplus equipment and spare parts such as generator sets, used steam boilers and stream turbines, operational gas turbines, ready for use alternators, used pumps and second-hand transformers for sale; we would be pleased to assist you in finding those used systems, assemblies and components best fitting your requirements.

If you already have specified your wanted equipment, i.e. you know the quantity, the technical key parameter and you have a short specification, you may directly submit your own search request free of charge.

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For Sellers:

Sales offers promoted by troveo are free of charge as long as you have not yet successfully concluded a sales deal. If you want troveo to market your used equipment, just send us your request and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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Alternatively, as of August 2018, sellers can enter their own sales offers for equipment such as turbines, generators, transformers, boilers and the like using our respective online data sheet.

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