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Selected purchasing requests for used power plant equipment for sale - validated and contractually confirmed.

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For confidentiality reasons, we can publish only selected buying requests for power plant units and spare parts such as surplus steam boilers and steam turbines, gas turbines, used pumps, second-hand transformers and the like. So, please do not hesitate contact us directly.

Currently, on behalf of our clients we are looking for:

Category Amount Main specification Description troveo ID
Steam turbines1HP/IP Steam Turbine Rotor for N135-13.24/535/535
Shanghai Turbine Co.
135 MW
Super HP, Tandem-compound, Combined HPPUR-00008
Used Power Plant or Unit1approx. 60 MW coal-fired power plant, 50 Hz, 33 % efficiency, run time less than 15 yearslooking for full equipment for 60 MW power station including CFBC type boiler, steam trubine, power generator, river water coold condensor, transformer to 132 kV grid, in operational conditionPUR-00130
Used Power Plant or Unit180 MWHydro Power Plant [enquiry under review]PUR-00137
Gas turbines125 MW Gas Turbine Natural Gas driven, 25 MW with 11 kV Voltage level suitable for high ambient temperatures, capable of operating for long durations without any interrurption. Machine with relatively less operating hours shall be preferred.PUR-00121
Used Power Plant or Unit135 - 40 MW CCGT, 50 Hzfuel: nat. gas only; used CCGT plant with steam extraction at 4 and 14 bar; destination East / South-East Asia; quotes expeted until End of August 2018PUR-00122
Electrical system, switschboards, electric actuators1Generator Circuit Breaker 19 kV, 11 kA, 60 HzALSTOM Disjunctuer Generateur (GCB) Type FKG 1F, 19 kV, must be operational and short-term available, ideally in October 2018PUR-00138

Do you have a match and can offer equipment some else is looking for? Then, please do not hesitate to send us your offering details.

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Purchase requests are free of charge. We would be pleased to assist you in finding those power plants and used power generation equipment you are looking for such as ready-to-operate turbines, large engines, alternators, boilers and steam generators, transformers and so on. Our world-wide search will be based on our excellent understanding of the current sales market:

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