troveo services related to used power plants: We meet your individual requirements at internationally highly recognised standards

With our services we cover the entire value chain from asset evaluation, sales price recommendations, marketing of entire power plants and items to project planning, commissioning and operations.

Generation asset evaluation, power plant marketing, development of technical concepts, financing and warranty concepts for power plant relocation, power plant dismantling, shipment, assembling of power plant equipment, commissioning of power stations, power station operations


You can rely on us:

  • We have comprehensive engineering expertise; our competences cover a wide range of power plants with different generation technologies and fuel types
  • We have a deep understanding of the market needs, the regulatory framework  and the legal requirements
  • We are able to relocate entire plants as well as to incorporate systems and equipment in a functional manner - competently and according to your needs

For more detailed information on how to work with troveo, please see our Frequently Asked Questions feature or contact us directly.