With second-hand, first-class power plants and technology to economic success

Welcome to the troveo marketing platform for second-hand power plants and used power generation equipment. To the benefit of our customers, this web site resembles an open market place; no registration and no login are required.

As a buyer,

  • you can find offered power plants and related equipment, which someone else wants to sell, or
  • you might send us your current sarches so that we directly post the units or equipment you are looking for

As a seller,

  • you can see wanted power plant equipment, which someone else is looking for, or
  • you are invited to hand-in your own sales offers, i.e. to professionally advertise your used equipment with our support, be it for exclusive marketing through troveo or be it as an initial, free market test

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Further, we support sellers and buyers in such aspects as commercial and technical plant evaluations, choosing the most promising marketing or sourcing strategy or relocation and re-commissioning of bought power plants.

Our approach:

Power plant engineering is a leading-edge discipline: Power plants and their equipment are conceived, developed and manufactured for long-lasting operations.

Nevertheless, safeguarding economically viable power generation has become – today more than ever – a challenge in Europe. An increasing number of used coal and gas fired power plants of all ages and sizes are being decommissioned and made available for re-use elsewhere:

Seller market of coal-fired units and steam turbines Seller market of gas-fired units and gas turbines

troveo brings together buyers and sellers of used power generators and related equipment for sale. It offers a wide range of services so that the systems and components sold can be smoothly installed and put back into operation at any new location.

For our customers we utilise our extended network in the industry as well as our cooperation with several other re-sellers and brokers. Purchase requests for power plants and equipment are always at no charge for you; and even sales offers are without charge until a successful sales deal has been concluded.

troveo is unique due to our expertise in sales price evaluation, marketing, engineering, sourcing, construction, commissioning, operations management, maintenance, decommissioning and dismantling of power plants.

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